Hench2o Power Bag's Water Unpredictability & Instability will require control; Activating and Strengthening your Core Muscles more efficiently than any other gym equipment!

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Never miss your Workout Regiment with Hench2o's Power Bag! Weights are easily adjustable (ranging 5kg to 25kg), and its ultra-lightweight makes it easier to take on your travels!

Test out your Strength & Conditioning with Hench2o

Hench2o - 25Kg Power Bag
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These cylinder-shaped PVC bags can be filled with water and are fully adjustable in weight depending on how much water is filled up. This creates an unstable and unpredictable weight mass which adds a different dimension to strength and conditioning training.

The unstable water mass that flows through the Hench2o power bag helps you gain stability, strength, and core power. It not only triggers the larger muscle groups but more importantly the smaller stabilizing muscle groups.


  • Great full-body workout experience - the power bag contains 5 durable handles which enable the user to conduct a variety of exercises that targets muscle groups both large and small for a great workout experience either at home or in a local park.
  • Water control - the instability and unpredictability which the water provides requires self-control which activates more muscle groups compared to when using a traditional bar or dumbbells.
  • Travel easy - empty power bag including accessories weighs as little as 1.9kg, which makes it ideal for taking on your travels and using on holiday/ whilst on business.
  • Cost-effective compared to adjustable dumbbells - adjustable dumbbells can cost over 10 times the amount of these power bags which makes this purchase a no-brainer. 

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Step 1. 

Check if you have all the components in your package:
1. Power Bag
2. Hose
3. Air Pump

Step 2.
Remove cap from power bag. Connect the end
of the hose to the power bag, the end is indicated with a red ring.
Place the alternative end of the hose under the tap.
Fill the power bag with water until it reaches the desired weight.
Disconnect hose from the power bag.
Ensure all remaining water has been removed from the hose.

Step 3.
Attach the hose to the air pump, outlet labelled INF.
Use air pump to ll the power bag.
Disconnect the pipe from power bag and close cap.

Step 4.
The end product.

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